Custom Jewelry

Custom Design (CAD) with Jewelry Computer Aided Design

With Computer Aided Design (CAD), if you can dream it or sketch it, we can build it!  From concept to completion, your custom designed piece can be turned into reality in as little as 14 business days.  We will provide you with a 3D image so you can see exactly what your new piece of jewelry will look like before it is made.  Never before has custom-designs been so precise and cost effective.

There is no better use for old jewelry, gems, and diamond that a special item all your own.  You dream it-we build it!!

Custom Repairs

Computer and Laser technology has revolutionized the jewelry industry and Five Star Jewelry Brokers has kept up with the trend.  They are a premier jewelry store that owns a laser welder.  Our expert jeweler can use the laser and its high-magnification to perform awesome jewelry repair and restoration.  We have the technology and the ability to perform simple to complex repairs, redesigns and restoration.  Let us breathe life into your current jewelry.

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