Caring For Your Jewelry

It is very important to take proper care of your fine jewelry. Recently, I have seen diamonds that have chipped because they are being transported or stored next to other diamond jewelry. A diamond can scratch or chip another diamond. Diamonds can also scratch or chip all other gemstones. So people always asked me, “aren’t diamonds the hardest stone?” Yes, they are the hardest stone but they are not the toughest stone. The toughest stone is jade. I believe that all jewelry should have their own separate bag, box or container.
So you ask, “What is the difference between being the hardest and the toughest stone?” The difference is that diamonds is the hardest to scratch the surface but they do have cleavage planes and can chip. Jade is the most difficult stone to chip and therefore, the toughest.

Many people are surprised when they have me do a new appraisal that the grade of their diamond or gemstone may have gone down because it has new nicks, chips, or abrasions. Just one of these imperfections can reduce the clarity grade of your stone by one or more grades.

We do offer the service of re-polishing or re-cutting your diamond or gemstones and this can return your stone to its original beauty (and value) but prevention is the best policy. I give away free plastic jewelry bags that you can use to store or transport your jewelry and help keep the jewelry in its original condition.
Please come by anytime to get your FREE JEWELRY BAGS! We want your jewelry to be “well loved”!

Gold diamond ring

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