Kelly Granger, Providing the “Five Star Experience” in Jewelry

Kelly Granger has been in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years.  Through her work experience, she has learned the importance of customer service and the appreciation of fine jewelry and diamonds. She first developed her skills as a diamond expert as a student at Gemological Institute of America.  As a Diamond Broker for Five Star Jewelry, Kelly’s passion shines in her career. Customers say they have a “Five Star Experience” because Kelly makes jewelry buying exciting. She gives individualized attention to her many clients as a personal shopper and even delivers the gifts as requested. Her favorite customer is when a man is on a mission to find the “right diamond” for his loved one. She enjoys the challenge of ensuring that the jewelry item selected makes the recipient happy for years to come for each special occasion. Whether someone makes an appointment to look for the perfect engagement ring or anniversary jewelry piece, Kelly Granger is available to be of assistance with five star service!


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