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International Buying

When you hear that I have gone to market for the purchase of diamonds and gemstones you might not know what that means.  Over the last 28 years, I have researched the newest designers, the newest gemstone finds, and the latest trends for jewelry styles.

For instance when stackable bands became the latest craze, I immediately designed some unique ones for the Austin store and sought out the best pricing for the basic straight line diamond band in 14 karat yellow, white and rose gold and platinum.  Today, we stock over 400 diamond and gemstone stackable, anniversary and wedding bands and are always adding to our collection.

Some clients will come in with a design in mind and we are able to create a CAD that is exactly what they asked for.  This is how Five Star Jewelry Brokers is different from other jewelers, we know exactly how to communicate what a customer wants.  From the 3D CAD images, the client can see the jewelry item from several different angles and changes can be made quite easily.

When I purchase colored gemstones, I always find out the origin and where they were mined.  In most cases, we are buying from the direct source meaning the miner or their representative.  I have found that this is the best way to keep the middleman out and get the lowest prices and  also be able to choose from the best quality production.

This past week I have been on a buying trip that has me returning with some amazing gemstones that can be used in a custom design to make a ring, pendant or earrings.  I invite you to come in and see our extensive collection of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. And all the new items.  We are always here to give our professional advice on what would help with your jewelry needs!


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