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The Paris Russalite Ring- Russalite & Diamond Halo Ring, Oval Gemstone

The Paris Russalite Ring- Russalite & Diamond Halo Ring, Oval Gemstone

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Rare and precious, Russalite was discovered in 1988 deep in the Siberian Mountains and mined only four months per year, Russalite is one of the newest, most exciting gemstones. An all natural untreated gem of unique beauty. Russalite has earned the distinction as an exceptionally vibrant, translucent green gemstone. Russalite is known for being a gemstone that brings you strength. The beautiful green Russalite is definitely more durable and stronger than emerald. Choose Russalite for your green gemstone if you want a ring that you can wear everyday!

Material: 14K White Gold (Available in yellow gold and rose gold) 
Diamond Number: 12
Diamond Weight: 1.00 Carats
Gemstone: Russalite
Gemstone Cut: Oval
Gemstone Weight: 2.05 Carats
Ring Size: 7 (Ring available in sizes 4-9)
Gemstone Measurements: 9.08 mm x 7.06 mm
Band Width: 2.23 millimeters
Halo Measurements: 15.42 mm x 13.79 mm
Total Weight: 3.05 Carats

If you like this design and wish to customize this ring perfectly for you, please visit our Custom Design page for more information. Please see our Diamond Search page for current diamond prices. 

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