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Bracelets-Which Should You Own?

Tennis bracelets first got their name from Chris Everett wore her bracelet on the tennis courts and when her bracelet fell off while playing, Chris responded, “oh, it is just my tennis bracelet”.  Women have been wearing tennis bracelets ever since. What makes a good tennis bracelet—the bigger the diamonds the better. Are women back in love with tennis bracelets? Yes, except there are some changes.

A traditional tennis bracelet means that there is a diamond in each link and that it goes all the way around the wrist and typically has a latch that is hidden. The tennis bracelet will typically have 20 to 45 diamonds depending on the size of the diamonds. In the 1990’s there was a design that was all the rage-the S style tennis bracelet, this is definitely fallen out of favor and the style that is popular is the straight line bracelet. The bracelet might be in white, yellow or rose gold or even mixed metals with yellow and white gold the most popular of the mixed metals.  The straight line is most popular in the four or three prong version.  There is also the bezel set tennis bracelet that still has a cool vibe.

Another 2022 styling of bracelet is the tennis bracelet with unique shapes of diamonds-marquise, cushion, emerald, etc. You might see round and baguette diamonds or even colored gemstones alternating in the mix.

What women love about the straight line tennis bracelet?

It can be paired with other bracelets and the more the merrier. The flexible bracelet and the bangle bracelets can be paired with the tennis bracelet. There is even the new tennis bracelet that has a bolo on the back. This has been extremely popular because you can put this bracelet on by yourself! That’s right ladies, nobody has to help you in or out of your bracelet.

These flexible bracelets have a copyright and patent on the unique internal gold wire inside that makes them fit snug to the wrist and secure. The bracelet comes on and off when you want in an instant and has been extremely popular with women all over the US. With over 50 bracelet designs in 14 karat yellow, white, rose and mixed metals, the flexible bracelet is hugely popular and looks fabulous with a tennis bracelet, bolo bracelet, cuff bracelet or the iconic Cartier Love Bracelet. Find these bracelets by searching "Flexible Bracelet" on this website.

We have also seen a huge increase in demand of the tennis necklace, properly called the Rivera necklace. We have these straight line necklaces in 3 or 4 prongs and with genuine gemstones like sapphires or turquoise or with the traditional diamond. 

The only rule for diamond bracelets in 2022 is to be sure to wear 3 or more!

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