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What Does it Mean to Have a Personal Jeweler?

Not long ago, before you could get your pants hemmed by a dry-cleaning chain or a haircut by whoever is “first available”, you had a personal tailor and a hairstylist. You also had a watchmaker and a cobbler and a family mechanic. If you needed a referral for a service, you’d simply put the word out to your closest friends who’d insist, “Oh, you just have to use my guy/gal for that.”

While online shopping and retail chains give us unlimited options at every price point from around the world, there will always be more value in building a personal relationship with someone who has dedicated their career to perfecting what they do best.

At Five Star Jewelry, our customers know and appreciate the difference between shopping at big box stores and having a personal jeweler. By offering everything from custom jewelry design and appraisals to jewelry repairs and a large selection of complete luxury pieces, we’ve established a broad base of customers, many of whom have been with us for decades!

What makes having a personal jeweler so special?

1 – We get to know your style. We listen closely to what you like and value so we can help you create or source the fine jewelry pieces you’ll absolutely adore.

2 - We also get to know the most important people in your life since we’re in it for the long haul (including weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, good days, bad days, Tuesdays, etc.) For every special occasion or turning point that is commemorated with fine jewelry, we are there!

3 – We help you thoughtfully cultivate a personal collection of luxury jewelry that you get to enjoy now and that will one day become part of your legacy.

4 – We provide a complete experience.

Need an appraisal so you can add an heirloom to your insurance plan? We’ve got you.

Need a custom engagement ring? We’re the best custom designers in Austin.

Need a quick repair? We have speedy turn-around times.

Want us to melt down the gold necklace your ex gave you and repurpose it into an expensive thumbtack? We’re not here to judge.

The point is…having a personal jeweler gives you a place to get exactly what you need from someone you trust.

5 – It’s personal for us too and we do this work in part because we love jewelry, but mostly because we deeply enjoy the lifelong connections we make with our customers. Unlike many retailers whose sales teams are constantly rotating, who are incentivized to sell specific styles or designers each month, and who never have the final say…we are the beginning of the line, the end of the line, and we’re here to stay. 

If you are interested in having your own personal jeweler, Mary and Taylor would love to be your gals. Get to know us by booking a private consultation below.

Need a Virtual Appointment?

Working with one of our personal jewelers doesn’t mean you have to meet “in person”. Through virtual conferencing, we create custom designs with clients from around the world.

Book a consultation with your personal jewelry today!

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