Fingerprint of a Natural Diamond

Fingerprint of a Natural Diamond

Did you know of the millions of diamonds that are in existence today, there are no two that are alike.  Almost like the 8 billion people in the world, not one of us is alike-we each have a different fingerprint.  Mother Nature creates all natural diamond.

Laboratory grown/synthetic diamonds are like cloning a person and cloning is not natural and does not make one rare.  Natural diamonds were formed under extreme temperature and pressure conditions hundreds of millions of years ago; hardly something that was man-made in a laboratory/factory this year or last.

It is believed that the synthetic diamond is a technology that will continue to get faster and faster and more and more competitive.  This cause and effect will drive the price of laboratory grown diamonds (LGD) down lower and lower while natural diamonds will increase in value every year.  Diamonds are rare and the real is rare!

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