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Many folks don't realize that extra care is needed when traveling with your valuable and sentimental jewelry.  Whether you are going through the airport or visiting a convenience store on a roadtrip it is best NOT to call attention to yourself and especially not your jewelry. 

When flying:

If you have high value jewelry, it is always best to wear it as long as it is not too large.  If it is large, it is best to put it in a separate container and have it inside your carry on.  When going through security, wait for your purse or carry-on to be on the conveyor belt before you move forward to go through the metal detector.  

If you have a large or high value ring, turn it around to move the top of the ring to the inside of your hand so other people only see the band.  If you have a high value pendant or necklace, put it inside your shirt collar if it is possible.   If you have large or high value bracelets or earrings, take them off and carry them in your purse or carry on.  But of course this means that you have to be really careful with your purse or carry-on.

Never, ever check any jewelry in your bags.  The bags go through scanners that could possibly be detected.

When on a cruise:

Only take the jewelry that you can wear on your person.  The ship might provide a safety deposit box in your room but I have heard of folks having things stolen anyway.  (Someone always has a master code and are able to get in that box if you forget your code).  I hear of more jewelry being stolen on cruise ships than any other type of vacation.  Buying jewelry while on a cruise is also not recommended.  You really don't know what it is worth until you have it appraised when you get home and then typically it is too late to return it.  There is a huge store at many ports that is known for their deception and switch and bait tactics.

When driving:

Be extra careful when you stop at a convenience store or restaurant, as you never know what part of town you are in and who owns that establishment.  Be sure to look at your surrounding and make sure there is nothing suspicious before your get out of your vehicle.  Keep your purse or personal item under your arm or in front of you as you don't want to be a target for a "snatch and run".  Also, when you return to your car be prepared to open the car as soon as you get there and not have to dig for your keys.

Where to put your jewelry when you are on vacation:

Your first option is to not take your jewelry when you are vacationing depending on how safe you think it will be. When vacationing at a beach or near the water, it is strongly suggested to leave your jewelry at home.  I can't tell you how many of my customers lose their wedding bands on their honeymoon!  Besides, all jewelry has the potential to be damaged in saltwater and sand.

Second best option is to store  your jewelry in the safe provided in the room or with the hotel.  Third option is to store it in a hidden belt or some other place on your person or in your purse or personal item.  

Note:  Don't ask anyone (including your spouse or friend) to watch your purse or personal item that have valuables because they might be on their phone or reading and not see someone opening a zipper or a pocket and it only takes a few seconds and they are gone!

After 25 years of hearing about jewelry insurance claims, I wanted to spread the word on how to keep your jewelry safe so you can enjoy it for decades to come!💎 

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