Two Stone “You and Me” Rings

Two Stone “You and Me” Rings

Ever since Megan Fox received a two stone emerald and diamond ring for an engagement ring, women are scrambling for a ring with this design. Originally called “Toi et Moi”, which in French means “you and me”, this type of design was common for an engagement ring in the 1800’s and 1900’s.  Napoleon Bonaparte gave a two stone ring to his first wife, Josephine. The ring had two opposing pear shaped jewels-one a blue sapphire and one a diamond.

The two stone ring today, typically has two different shapes and two different colors. One stone represents the love of your life and the other represents your best friend. This is a beautiful and romantic idea. Typically, the ring will have a diamond of one shape and the colored stone of another. Megan Fox’s ring is a pear shaped emerald and a white diamond. The contrast is stunning!

At Five Star Jewelry, we have designed the ring attached to this blog and you can find it in our store. Please let us know what you think!

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