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At Five Star Jewelry, we help 100's of couples a year with their wedding jewelry and this is our favorite part of our job!  Along the way, we make lots of friends and love hearing their stories.  Recently, we had a very special couple in the store-Sean and Morgan.  They told us a little about their story:

On St. Patrick's Day in 2016, Morgan and Sean were both at a fashion show at Mondran's on Sunset Boulevard and that is where their story began.  They began dating and then Morgan realized that her mom needed her in Florida because she was ill.  Sean did not let this dissuade him and they continued having a long distance relationship.

Sean was from Portland, Oregon and decided to move back to attend school.  They continued the long distance relationship for a while but then Sean realized that he could not live without Morgan and he moved to Florida.  Morgan says that Sean was amazing at helping her take care of her Mom until she passed away.

On a whim and deciding that they needed a new beginning, they decided to move to Austin!  They both love Austin and are so glad that they made the move!  When they decided to get engaged they chose Five Star Jewelry to custom make Morgan's engagement ring and both of their wedding bands. (The picture above is of the three rings they purchased).

They had the wedding all planned-it was going to be June 5th that they were going to get married.  All the deposits had been paid and it was going to be a huge wedding! As COVID-19 shut down all venues and all gatherings in March and April of 2020, they realized that their beautiful dream wedding was not going to happen.

They have rescheduled the wedding for December and in the process decided to make it a smaller event.  They said that "their love and their beautiful rings" are the most important part of getting married and that whatever happens in December will be fine.  They have such a great attitude and even though they have not gotten married yet-they are still smiling!

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