Emerald Green Gemstones for All!

Emerald Green Gemstones for All!

MAY BIRTHSTONE: THE EMERALD After all the rain in April, the month of May typically welcomes the blooming of flowers and an abundance of green. May is the heart of spring, so it’s only right that the rich, vibrant green emerald gemstone is May’s birthstone. Symbolizing rebirth and renewal, the radiant emerald is perfectly suited to brighten up anyone’s day!  Each emerald usually has unique “jardin” which is its green garden of internal inclusion.  


Emeralds are usually cut in the emerald shape because of the unique way that the emerald beryl crystal grows, although you can find emeralds in oval, pear and round shape. Emeralds for rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are very appropriate!  Some emeralds are yellowish-green or bluish-green depending on whether they come from Brazil, Columbia, or Africa.

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